Add Dynamic Lighting to Your Home With a Table Lamp

Add Dynamic Lighting to Your Home With a Table Lamp

Table lamp are the perfect accent piece to add to any home. Whether it’s for the nightstand or for your home office, they can provide dynamic lighting to any space.

These modern lamp styles come with a USB port that’s perfect for charging your phone or tablet. Browse our collection to find the right one for you.


Table lamps are one of the key elements that help sculpt the ambiance setting in a room. They are easy to use and offer a variety of options for your space depending on your design preferences.

They also provide task lighting for reading and work. Some even come with a USB port to charge your smartphone. They are becoming a necessity in our modern lives.

Aside from their functional role, they are a great decorative piece. They can add a touch of luxury and a pop of color to any room in the house. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles that match most decors. Some are made from glass and others from other materials. Glass lamps have a classic look that can be used to create a sophisticated setting in a hallway or living room. They can also be paired with wall sconces for a more layered look. Other lamps are made from manufactured wood, which is often painted and costs less than real wood.


Table lamps offer a wide range of style options that can blend seamlessly into your home’s decor or create an attractive focal point. Choose from sleek and modern metal designs that evoke a contemporary feel, or explore more traditional table lamp styles like brass and richly colored fabric shades.

Whether you’re looking to brighten far-flung corners, rejuvenate alcoves or make task work easier in your home office, the right table lamp can bring these spaces to life. Look for lamp bases made of wood, brushed nickel and other durable materials that can coordinate with your existing furniture, then select a shade that complements the room’s colors and accents.

You can also use a table lamp to establish a symmetrical, balanced look around a sofa or accent chair with end tables that each hold a matching lamp. By framing your seating area with this type of stylish lighting, you’ll create a warm, inviting setting perfect for movie nights or relaxing reading sessions.


Table lamp are available in a wide variety of materials to complement your décor. From distinguished brass to elegant glass or even a bit of shabby chic wood, there is a lamp for every interior style. Some are portable and battery-operated. Others are corded and plug into the wall. Both options can be positioned as needed in your home, and the cordless models provide a sleeker look to your walls. Some can also be placed outdoors as long as they have a proper location rating.

A good table lamp is essential for reading in bed before you fall asleep or when working at your desk. You’ll want to choose a lamp that can be easily positioned and turned off when you need to close your eyes to sleep. The best ones have a lampshade that can be tilted to focus the light where it’s needed most. It also helps to avoid glare on your book or computer screen.


A table lamp is a decorative and functional addition to your home that illuminates areas where overhead lighting isn’t necessary. They can create a focal point on your bedside table, add ambiance to an accent wall or a corner in the living room and help you avoid eye strain while reading or working at a desk.

Choose a contemporary lamp with clean lines or angular or smoothly curved profiles to match your modern decor. Use a pair to create balance in a living room seating arrangement or position a single lamp on each end of a dining table to softly illuminate a chair.

At west elm, you’ll find table lamps in a wide range of styles that let everyone know what kind of style you have. Add a touch of personality to your home with unique designs and colors or choose timeless classics like the Snoopy lamp by Charles and Ray Eames. You can also brighten far-flung corners, rejuvenate alcoves and make it easier to work in your home office with these versatile accessories.

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