How to Decorate a Party Room in Your Home

How to Decorate a Party Room in Your Home

Whether it is in the dining room, living room or second den, having a party space in your home is essential for entertaining. Some families choose to build a dedicated room that can easily transform for special occasions.

Room parties are popular at some conventions and often focus on a specific fandom. While they can be claustrophobic, the experience is worth it to fans who may not get the chance to meet their idols in person.

Decorate the Walls

Many families use a room in their home for parties. It might be the dining room, family room or a dedicated rec area. Whatever the function of this space is for your family, if it also serves as a kids party game idea, decorating it to create a special atmosphere is important.

Hang decorations on the walls to create a focal point. Often this will include photos or artwork related to the event’s theme. For example, you might hang framed baby photos of the guest of honor for an anniversary or birthday party.

When hanging decorations on painted walls, opt for poster hanging tape instead of standard tape to reduce the likelihood of damaging the paint. Also, look for products that remove tape easily from painted walls.

Add Balloons

Many homeowners choose to convert a dining room, living room or second den into a party space. The space needs to be large enough for guests to flow through it easily and feel comfortable, but also intimate for smaller parties. Frameless interior doors are a great way to expand the feeling of your home and help create a party atmosphere with an open design.

Balloons are a popular decorative element for events and parties. You can use them to create a focal point with balloon arches or as a backdrop for photos. Balloon bouquets can be used as centerpieces on tables and are often offered to guests to take home as favors.

Another fun idea is to hang letter balloons spelling out a message over the table. For example, if it is a Halloween party, you could spell out “Boo!”

Hang String Lights

String lights can brighten your party space in an instant. They can highlight a wall of photos, create subtle lighting for a dining room or transform a bedroom into a cozy nook by the fireplace.

Start by choosing where you want to hang your lights. Then, decide on what style of bulbs you want to use and how many strings of lights to get. You can also opt for damage-free hanging options, such as Command strips, that don’t leave holes in the walls.

If you choose to use hooks or tape, make sure that the first strand of lights is long enough so that you can reach the outlet. You might need to connect more than one strand together, so it’s best to confirm with the manufacturer how many strands you can safely connect together.

Add Candles

A collection of candles on a table adds ambiance to a party. Try unifying a group of candle holders with the same color to create a cohesive look for your display. A new or vintage tray, like this openwork metal one at Wayfair, is ideal because it reflects the candlelight.

Lighting is a key component of a home kids party game idea because it can affect the mood of your guests. Consider recessed ceiling lights that can be dimmed to suit the mood of the party. Also, provide multiple trash receptacles throughout the room and outside the door to keep the area clean. Frameless interior glass doors exemplify your home’s beauty while creating a spacious feel for guests to move about the party. Easily transform your existing space into a party room with these ideas.

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