How to Decorate a Party Room

How to Decorate a Party Room

A party room game idea isn’t just for kids’ birthday parties. It can also serve as a den, dining room, gathering area or recreation room for your family.

Ensure that there is sufficient capacity for your party rooms and walk-in admissions on busy weekends by going to Manage Schedules, clicking a product and changing the maximum number of bookings per session.

Hang Photos or Artwork

Displaying photos at a party is a great way to relive happy memories and give guests something fun to do. Create a photo wall or use frames to hold individual photos in an art gallery-style arrangement. To keep the look uniform and elegant, stick to a theme and use similar frames. If you want a more eclectic and artsy look, mix up the types and sizes of frames.

On walls with tall or soaring ceilings, hang artwork so that its center is 57-60″ from the floor (this is called the “eye level” rule).

Another creative way to show off pictures is to attach them to strings or helium-filled balloons and scatter them around the room. You can even add photos to a slideshow for a colorful and unique digital display.

Hang Streamers

Streamers are an easy, affordable way to add some color to your party room. They’re a classic choice for backdrops and can be bunched up by color or hung loosely to create a curtain-like effect. We even have kits that come with three ceiling mesh nets, string and glue dots to make set-up a breeze.

When hanging streamers, it’s important to remember that they will stretch out longer than you expect, so plan accordingly. To get a good drape, aim for your streamers to span from the center of the room to an outer wall. You can always trim them later.

Streamers can be cut into strips to hang on walls or to frame the guest of honor’s throne seat at a bridal or baby shower. They also look great twisted and tied into bows or flowers. You can even use them to add a pop of color to a doorway or mantel for a festive touch that won’t interfere with furniture or other decorations.

Hang Balloons

A balloon arch or column can be a show-stopping feature of any party room game idea. To create a quick and easy balloon garland simply put a command strip on the wall, push one of the balloons into it using the balloon decorating strip (be sure to leave 6 inches at the beginning and end of the strip to attach to the hook) and then use balloon glue dots to attach leftover or smaller balloons to spaces with holes.

Alternatively, hang a fishing net full of balloons from the ceiling for a Mermaid or Luau themed party. This looks amazing and is a great way to bring some color to a room without taking up too much floor space.

Make a fun balloon wall or photo booth backdrop by fixing balloons to a wall with Blu-Tak, Balloon Stickups or removable 3M pads and getting creative with colors to match your theme. Add a personal touch by writing messages on the balloons, such as your child’s age or their name, or draw cute emoji faces on them.

Hang String Lights

If you have a dark-colored wall or just want a cozy alternative to a chandelier, string lights are a great option. Choose a light pattern that complements the decor of your space, like an X pattern that outlines your room in a diamond shape, or a simple grid to brighten your dining area or patio. Invest in quality string lights and purchase replacement bulbs that can be used year-round.

Stand on a ladder and install the first set of string lights, starting with the hooks that are closest to your electrical outlet. To avoid tangled or broken bulbs, place each hook slightly apart from the previous one and don’t pull string tight.

If you don’t want to damage your walls with nails or screw hooks, consider using a temporary hanging solution such as Command strips that are easy to remove when the party is over. Make sure the strip is labeled to support the weight of your lights.

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