Party Room Causeway Bay – Hong Kong’s Cosmopolitan Hub of Contrasts

Party Room Causeway Bay – Hong Kong’s Cosmopolitan Hub of Contrasts

party room Causeway Bay  is a cosmopolitan hub of contrasts. Thrill seekers head to its energetic retail heart, while discerning shoppers choose from its luxury malls and department stores.

With a range of Instagrammable photo spots and party facilities, the area’s event-ready spaces are perfect for milestone birthday parties and product launches.

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, FOMO Cafe & Lounge is an ideal choice for party goers looking to hone their vocal skills in their karaoke rooms or try their hand at beer pong. They have a variety of differently themed rooms that include the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, the ‘Camping’ room complete with a tent and the artistic ‘Woodden’ room.

There are also plenty of entertainment facilities including automatic mahjong, pool table, PS5 and projectors that will keep you and your guests entertained all night long. Make sure you stop by for a matcha or pistachio latte to fuel your energy levels!


Located in Hong Kong’s energetic retail heart, party room Causeway Bay is a cosmopolitan hub of contrasts. From luxury malls to bustling street markets, stroll the low-rise streets for charming neighbourhood haunts and sip cocktails atop swanky rooftop bars with panoramic cityscape views.

The district is also home to a host of distinctive event-ready spaces for those looking to entertain their guests. Whether they want to unleash their inner singer with a karaoke session at Red Mr, or let their creativity out in a messy jam session at Slime It, the best party rooms in Causeway Bay have got it covered.

If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, look no further than FOMO Cafe & Lounge. Here, you can play a variety of drinking games and hit the dance floor to ring in your big day with your friends. The venue can also accommodate up to 60 people. Book this top party spot quickly on Venuerific today.

Store Party Room

Store Party Room is a casual space where you can self-entertain yourself with a mix of games. They offer three cosy rooms with facilities such as two projectors for movie nights, PS4, induction cooker – great for hotpot dinners, 1.8m high Kerplunk and ball pit, pool table and more. The place is a great place to meet new friends. You can decorate the space with your own decorations, and food & drinks are allowed inside the room. The staff will take care of set up and clean-up after your session.

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Red Mr

If you’re a fan of karaoke, Red Mr is the place for you. With branches in Kwun Tong, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s one of the most popular karaoke bars in town. Grab a private room and sing your heart out to Canto-pop or English tunes like Bohemian Rhapsody. You can also order food from the restaurant including spaghetti bolognese, chicken teriyaki fried rice and pig bone noodle soup.

You can even book the entire venue if you want to have a larger group. A beer pong table is also available and you can order cocktails, shots, wines and spirits from the bar. The bar also offers a variety of appetizers to accompany your drinks. Red Mr is a great option for groups as it can fit up to 20 people. The chain has a number of preventive packs for its customers, including envelopes for mask storage, disinfecting wipes and coloured straps to mark microphones so that each singer gets their own.

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